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Dear Sirs,
please find attached, snaps of our recently completed conservatory. We are very pleased with the finished article, and have forwarded your details to many of our friends & relatives who have visited us, and have been most impressed!!
Kind Regards,

Andy Bilton
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Hi BB & Co.
I nearly forgot to send you the pictures of our lovley conservatory!! But the good wife reminded me. So here they are, I hope they meet with your approval. I built it myself as much to save a few bob as to get the satisfaction of the challenge. I never worked on a building site, let alone laid a brick In my life. so if I can do it (with a little research into building techniques and the laws RE; same) I'm sure anyone can. Best wishes for your future success!! you have an excellent product, Enjoy the pic's....
Best Wishes

Cliff Connolly
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Living in Northern Arizona we are blessed with around 350 days of sunshine a year, but at 7000ft altitude the winters suffer from freezing temperatures. Our home has a large deck to make the most of summer sunshine, but with our house built on an east/west aspect, we had no windows on the south side.  
Being transplants from England, we thought it a great idea to add a conservatory and started hunting suppliers in Arizona. While we were able to find American style sunrooms, we wanted a traditional British conservatory, which are only custom built in the USA and still not of the same standard as British rooms and cost an arm and a leg. Enter the BB Group.
Searching the web we found a few suppliers offering rooms – all in the UK. However, after visiting a few of these sites, we found that BB Group was the easiest site to read and price a room.   We looked through their selection and chose a 17’ by 13’ Victorian room, which was offered at a terrific price.   A few emails followed regarding shipping and the price was agreed for shipping to Los Angeles.   Ordering the room on the website was easy, and as we lived overseas, we did not have to pay VAT. We were told that ours was the first room they had sold in the USA. (I think an order from Boston was received shortly after.)
The plans arrived by airmail a few days later and we set about arranging with a local builder to erect the foundation. After recovering from his initial shock that all the measurements were in metric, I produced a tape with both measurements, and construction began. We wanted the room to be level with our deck, which raised it a couple of feet out of the ground.   After the builder had stopped work due to storms, other commitments and a two-week deer-hunting season, the foundation and stem wall were complete and we were ready for the room itself. They found the instructions for erection easy and a few days later the room was finished. A door into the house was added and tiles laid and we were ready to use our room.
Over the past months, we have enjoyed the outside feeling of the room, especially during storms, when you feel like you are outdoors but still dry!   With our strong sunlight, the bronze tinted roof was a great choice. The room has proved to be an excellent and valuable addition to our home.


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Here are some pictures of our conservatory. We are very please how it turned out. Thank you.


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Thanks to all at Protech for the excellent service & support throughout the project.
Karl Czinege
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As requested please find enclosed photographs of our now completed Easyframe Conservatory. It is great and we are getting ready to enjoy it to the full in the summer.
Colin Falconer
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Hi Debbie,
We purchased a gull wing conservatory from you in October '03 and was informed by the delivery guys that you may be interested in receiving a few photo's once the conservatory had been erected. Well for the record, please find attached the construction and completion of our wonderful conservatory.
I hope you are as happy with the final results as we are,
Kindest Regards

Mrs. Elaine Gallagher
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Just a few photos of our conservetory, best investment we have made,
Quality and service wonderful.
We would highly recommend it.

John & Sue Haywood

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Dear Jessica, Debbie and Everybody else we dealt with,
Just a note to say, once again thank you for all your help with our Lean To Conservatory. We have worked hard over the past few months to get it erected and put in place but it has been worth it and it made the Winter go very quickly.
As you probably know, we have a postal strike here in Ireland which has affected us for the past two weeks and therefore we have been unable to post the photos that we promised. However, my eldest son has set up a web page so that they can be viewed. We would also like to enter them into your Easter Draw which I know takes place very shortly. Please feel free to use these photos in whatever way you may find useful. If you think they are good enough, I can send them to you on disc when the postal strike ends where the quality will be much better. They are a total of 9Mb and therefore I can't email them. Please check out the web page which is for the photos.
Finally, we want to thank you all for your professionalism. We invited some of our neighbours in to view the conservatory and they were all very interested in it and are considering getting conservatories themselves. As mentioned before, we would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any of our friends, neighbours or relatives.
Sincerest thanks and Happy Easter

Mary Ruane & Pat Horan.
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Dear Sirs
When we bought ‘Stainrigg Lodge’ in Nov 1999 at a price which reflected it’s poor condition, we knew that we had taken on a lot work to turn it into our dream retirement home in Scotland.
Because we live and work in Hull (212 miles away) it was two and a half years later before we face the last big project, which was to be the addition of a conservatory to take advantage of the surrounding views. However, our budget was tight. In April 2003 we asked a local company for a quotation for supply and build, when this came in at £11,500 our hearts sank.
We decided to look around for alternative ways to cut the costs. Browsing on the Internet we found a DIY company based in County Durham owned by BB Group. After sending them an e-mail for more information, we decided to visit their premises and see the actual product before making a decision. They made us very welcome, provided us with drawings based on the measurements we supplied and showed us samples of the conservatories, finishes and glass etc. After talking to their staff and seeing the attention to detail in the installation instructions we decided to go ahead with the order.
We asked a local builder if he would construct to foundations and help assemble the conservatory. He told us he had never installed a conservatory before but he was willing to try.
When they notified us that conservatory was ready for delivery, it was a week early, a delivery date was agreed and they delivered on time, (a refreshing change in this day and age).
The foundations and support walls were completed in Sept 2003 and we booked a week’s holiday to be there for the build. The construction went well considering the combined experience of the ‘workers’.  We had one hiccup when it was discovered a part was missing. However one phone call to the company and this was sorted this out. The part arrived by special courier the next morning. They even told us how to carry on without it so we didn’t loose any time. The whole build took 4 days from start to finish.
As you can see from the pictures it looks great and even with the extra cost of a builder we saved a staggering £5,000.
We highly recommend the BB Group for the quality of the product and the professionalism of the company.
Yours faithfully

Mr & Mrs John Wilkinson.

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We would like to submit our conservatory photographs for the Easter competition. We built the conservatory on our own with the exception of the base which was done by a qualified builder.
Given that we are 51 and 49 years of age and I have arthritis and my husband has a back problem after a car accident we were amazed at how easy it was to construct and even if I say so myself with the help of your manual we did an excellent job!

Ken & Phoebe Wilson

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Hi - this is just a quick note to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with my lean-to conservatory (7'10" x 12'11" full height). I bought it some months ago but have only recently been able to have it put up because of a lot of other work that was being done on the house. It is tremendous value for money and it looks really smart. I think that perhaps the best compliment I can send is the fact that the builders who put it up for me were so impressed with the quality and price that they asked me to print off your details for them!
With thanks and best wishes from one very satisfied customer!

Miss Lynn Phennah

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Hello Protech
I have just completed the V2 conservatorie I purchased from you. I am very happy with the quality and it was put together very quick and easy. The conservatory itself took me and my friend 2 days to erect. The overall project took my friend and me about 9 days to complete including chasing out the lead down to finishing the plastering. You asked if I could send you some pictures when I have finished I have sent you them as an attatchment.
Many Thanks

G Botsford

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Hi Brendan,
Happy New Year!
Just thought you might like to see a picture of the finished front porch that you supplied.
We are all very pleased with it and it was simple to install.
Once again many thanks for supplying a quality product.

Ed Branch

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Just to send you the pictures of before, during and after, as promised.
Thanks for your service. We are absolutely delighted with the conservatory and more than worth the price. The construction was quite easy, or should I say, easier than we thought it would be. It was all explained well in the instructions and you just couldn't go wrong. We would recommend you to anyone. Hope the pic's get to you ok.

Mr J W Burns
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You requested photos of my completed conservatory which I am attaching. I couldn't be more pleased with the finished result. Excellent quality for a very reasonble price. Thankyou very much. I shall certainly recommend you to others.
Kind regards

Rosemary Calder

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We are now the proud owners of our new conservatory furniture and are very pleased with it. It is certainly very comfortable and is getting good use already. I have enclosed the photos as promised and would like to thank you very much for the quick and speedy delivery of the order.
Best wishes

Pat Easter.

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hello again to you too.
I've ordered and received stays from you and about to attempt to fit them.
Herewith some piccies as requested.
Thanks for your help and your prompt replies to my emails (at whatever time of day or night I write. BB never sleeps!)

Mr. D Elliot

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So, it all went up okay, yes there are photos which I will send shortly when I get myself sorted out with all of them.
My son helped with the roof, which went on really well. I was anticipating trouble, but no, it just went up there and fitted all the way around. The decision which panel to leave out till last was a choice really and we did that quite well at the end.
The surprising thing was that the trouble we had with the door went away once the roof and bits were on. I went to close the door not thinking and it just went click shut. And all the trouble we had trying to align it before.
I got everything in place before we had the storm come down. Nothing leaked the following morning. Dry as a camels armpit. Which is good.
I now have the tedious task of cutting through to the dining room to make way for the door I am putting there. Also I have to put up the guttering and then the groundwork.
Many thanks for the product again
I will still be in contact, and will send the pictures.

Leighton Marston

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We took receipt of our Keswick Victorian Conservatory, K3 Deluxe Plus (invoice no 10805) approximately a month ago and the build has gone incredibly well. We are incredibly pleased with the quility of both the materials and the instructions and also the way the items are packed and despatched.
Please also find attached some photographs taken during the build of the conservatory. Please feel free to use these as you please. Hope they are of use.
Best Regards

Andy Howard
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Just a brief E-mail to let you know that I have completed my conservatory without any complications.I have taken several pictures and have included them for you to see.
I would like to thank everyone at Protech for the customer service I recieved and also for providing a quality product at an affordable price.
Best wishes

Neil Penford

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Hi BB,
pix of my conservatory build,they are all that you say and more, quality is excellentand easy to build, will recommend you to my friends no problem and thanks for your service,

Mr. E. Pitt

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Enclosing photos. Well pleased with end result. Have blinds fitted, waiting for floor to completely dry,then laying solid wood flooring. Will send further photos, of night time also as we have lights built into decking.
Yours gratefully

R M Potter

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Dear Sir/Madam
As requested I have enclosed some pictures of the conservatory that I purchased from you and to say the least I’m more than pleased with the quality. I also found it quite easy to figure out the plans all told it took me about three weeks to erect.
Kind regards

Derek Thompson

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hope the photos are some use to you. i would like to say how pleased i am with my conservatory thanks. all the best for the future and i will be recommending easyframe conservatories !!!!!

Lee Woods

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I bought a conservatory from you a few months ago...and have now completed. We are really happy with the end product!!!!
You did ask for some photo, so here are some of the finished conservatory.
I'm more than happy for you to use these on your website.
I also have photo's of the whole construction, to big to email though. Can put them on a disc if you like.
Let me know


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I'm attaching some pictures of my conservatory as promised.
The whole project went very well and I would have no problem recommending Protech.
There were no worries,all my queries in advance of purchasing were speedily responded to and the conservatory arrived as promised, well packaged and with full instructions.
Thanks to Jessica and all the staff for their very efficient service, it was a pleasure.
All I need now is sunshine!

Eileen Woods (Dublin)

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Dear BB,
As promised I have attached some images during our build. As you can see we have also redone the area around where we have sited the summer house. Many thanks for your help before and during the build, sorry if it takes a while to download.
Thanks, we will recommend you to any friends looking to purchase similar goods.

Correna and David Altoft

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Here are a few pics of the construction.
May I say thank you, to you, and all sales and customer service colleagues for the proffesional and efficient way you dealt with all arrangements.
The number of component parts and packages delivered was a little daunting at first, but everything was clearly labeled with the part no. that was shown in the comprehensive manual.
All in all, the conservatory was of high quality at an excellent price, with service to match. Thank you

D & S Arkinstall
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Have finally finished the conservatory and attached a photo.The thing went up really well and with relative ease ,everything was there and after a good gale,some fairly monsoon like rain the thing is tight as a button,no drafts and no leaks,ideal.
Thanks for supplying what so far is proving to be a great little investment.

Tony Jeal (Cornwall)

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Good Morning BB,
Thank you for your prompt attention to the problem that occurred with our conservatory, the two fine, hard working lads that were keen to see that Protech had no dissatisfied customers with their pleasant attitude that will leave a lasting impression with my wife and me.
Your company was recommended to us by a neighbour who purchase his conservatory 4 years ago, three others have followed his lead, this is a glowing report for your company, my wife and me will continue to "spread the word".
When you said in your email that "our service extends well beyond delivery point" we didn`t realize what a fantastic service it was going to be.
I hope the attached photographs are some use to you and I will send a couple of the inside in the near future when we have finished fitting out.
Thank you once again for your "after sales service"and all the best for a future of a company with a desire to see a satisfied customers.

Shirley and Dave Craggs.

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Here are some photos of the conservatory being erected and the finished article. The hardwood conservatory was replaced with the UPVC one so you have got a before and after picture. We are very pleased with the new one and it has been admired by our neighbours.
Thank you for all your help and the very efficient service.


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Some photo's of the conservatory put up in December I am very pleased with the quality and service from your company. Many thanks

Tony Scott
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Hi there,
Finally finished fitting my roof kit. Why is nothing ever easy??? After a number of problems related to the old design of consevatory (nothing related to the kit!), its on, its water tight and looks great. I have attached a couple of photos for you to see.
Thanks again

Jason Bagladi

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Just a quick note to say thanks very much for all the trouble you went to with the extra deliverys etc,rest easy it's all fitted and when plastered if you like i will send some photos.
thanks again.
D.J. McDermott

We recently purchased one of your conservatories and although it is not 100% complete internally (internal plastering) we are very pleased with your product and the ease at which it went together.
A. Mitchell and N. Cobbhi

Thanks very much.
I've fitted the door stays today using a shaving mirror for the under-door fitting - no probs., I think easier than a 71 year old balancing on top of a ladder to do them!
I must say the conservatory is very solidly designed, although my builder said it would be a bit daunting for the average do-it-yourself "expert" to tackle. Nonetheless we are very pleased with the finished product.
Your after sales service is excellent, especially your prompt reply to emails.
I see Argos and Wickes have started selling cheap conservatories very similar to yours now, but I will recommend you to my friends because of your excellent service.
Please feel free to use any of my comments in your advertising.
Mr. D. Elliot

I have always been extremely happy with the speed that my enquiries are dealt with. Pity a lot of other companies are not as good
I will fit the centre compression hinges in the next few days when I get a moment or two

Hello again
Yes, I have recd the part on Thursday, a little bit late but eventually arrived, thanks for that.
The project is almost finished, only the final touch and the gutter needed and I will finish it today. I will send you a photo when all done.
Thanks again for your assistance and the customer care services.
Best regards
Mr. C.M. Kwok
P.S. Recommendation will be made.

Thank you for asking, the new parts arrived Saturday and the builder will be fitting them next week.
We are delighted with the conservatory so far, we have had some terrible weather this week and there are no leaks or any other problems.
Wendy Wright

Hi. I Am delighted with the way you dealt with the problem we had with the roof . I spoke with someone about it on the phone on monday and the new roof arrived on tuesday .I am pleased to tell you that the conservatory was erected yesterday and is looking impressive. I am very grateful for the way the problem was handled with such efficiency and professionalism.
Thanks Again Yours Sincerely,
Alister Pratt

I am really impressed with the product you have sold me. It was easy to erect and the instructions wee really easy to follow. I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I think your company is top class and very professional, it has been a pleasure dealing with you. When I have finished I will email some photos to you.
Looking forward to your reply.
Scott Nixon

received conservatory 9/5/05 thank you, looks very good it will be 2 weeks before I can start erecting it, I will email you some pix when I get going,
thanks again for your fast service,

Yes, everything got sorted in the end. The new door frame had a couple of cracks in the welds but a new one arrived the following day and the correct construction plans were sent as well.
Thanks for your help and compliment you on your customer service team.
Kind regards

We have a 4L8 conservatory which came direct from you some 5 or 6 years ago.
The building is most satisfactory and has stood up to some wild north easterlies on our rather exposed site......
Stephen Rostron (Berwickshire)

About three years ago we purchased a conservatory from you and were delighted with the product, however we are due to move house within the next few weeks and so will be requiring another conservatory.
Mr A Allonby (Cumbria)

About 12 months ago my father in law purchased a Victorian conservatory with dwarf walll from yourselves. After seeing how good the quality is and how easy the construction was I am pleased to be now in a position to purchase my own self build conservatory from yourselves. I am looking for a Victorian style measuring 5x5 pannel size with 2 opening windows, I know that the measurments are mot in feet and inches however this is my first corispondance and require a lot of help befor purchasing the conservatorie. If you do have a detailed brocure please post to my home address listed below.
Mr Anthony Latcham (Morecambe)

Having hummed and haaed I finally bought a V7 dwarf wall conservatory from you. I am writing to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with it and your service. Facing south with 6 ft of top soil we agonised for a year over the base and heat but your opal roof provide shade and the heat will be sorted out nicely by the through the wall air con units I have bought. The recent heat proved that all will be well. The floor will have underfloor heating and I have just ordered and paid for the floor tiles. So as you can see it is not finished yet but we are delighted with the ease of construction and the quality of the product.
Do please pass on to your enquiring customers our satisfaction with your conservatory.
Mrs Dianne Westoby-Brooks (Surrey)

We have just bought a place and are having a conservatory put on the front (our place is a large 'L' shape). We got your details from my husband's cousin who bought a conservatory and other items from you last year - name of John Stockan, Orkney. He was very pleased with your materials and recommended you to us hence our enquiry.
Kathleen Corsie (Orkney)

I've at last had time - and the run of weather - to construct the conservatory which you delivered about a month ago. Everything from the order process to the driver delivering was excellent. The build went fairly smoothly and everything fits together well. I am very
happy with the quality of the product. The only suggestion I would make would be with regard to the build instructions. I found it difficult to follow at times - too many words, not enough pictures - and some of the plastic trim items were not numbered. I look forward to many years' use and thank you for your service. Please pass on my thanks to the driver - I didn't catch his name but he delivers
for you frequently and he had just come back from a family holiday in Menorca.
Keith Page

Would just like to thank you all for the fast delivery you arranged for me, i cant wait to get it up lol, it looks so lovely from what i can see so far! im still waiting for my footings to be done, so i have the roof in the hallway, the pains of glass in my sons room, boxes in the kitchen, and more boxes on the landing LOLOLOL,
Once again thanku so much , one for fast delivery, two for the plans i recieved, and three for such a cool calm and collected service, was really nice and you dont find that very often!!!! (sorry took me so long to email this)
thank you
Amanda Keeble

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that I have finished building the conservatory and we were sat in it last night in the middle of that dreadful storm (I'm please to say that we had no leaks). I ended up doing all of the work including the bricklaying and we are extremely pleased with the finished job. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I was particularly impressed by the overall quality. Everything arrived when you said it would and there were no nasty surprises. As you requested, I'll send you a photo.
Please accept my thanks for a wonderful service.

Hello again this is John Macleod an old Customer, Ivor Finlayson came to look at the conservatory I erected supplied by yourselves.
There has being a number of people interested, I. am extremely impressed how it all turned out.Being a Joiner and Civil Engineer I have explained the construction details to the various people and they are equally interested so don't be surprised if you get a few more orders.
For your records, we have winds up here frequently at 100 mph and rain that comes down bounces back up again and I haven't had one drop of water come through.
I will send Pictures once I eventually finish my garden
All the Best
John Macleod

I bought a conservatory from you a few months ago...and have now completed. We are really happy with the end product!!!!
Mark Sanders

The parts for my conservatory arrived this morning and I must take a moment to say how good your delivery team were. I found them outside at about 7.50 am, very considerately waiting until 8 am before disturbing us. They were very friendly and helpful and a real credit to you.
Richard (Yowsie)

I will be placing an order in the near future just waiting to sort things out with the Council. Your company was recommended to me by friends and I was impressed by the quality and prices, and they commented on how good the delivery and customer service from your company was.

Hi Debbie and all at Protech,
Thanks for the spot on delivery, on the very day I had hoped for.
Job now complete and looks absolutely superb.
Thursday evening put cill together and set this on a bed of mortar on the course of bricks laid earlier.
Friday worked like a dog for the whole day (I am Civil Servant all I usually carry is a brief case). By early evening all three walls, up head rail in place, door frame complete and roofing rafters in place to make sure it didn't blow away.
Saturday a slightly more leisurely day, lead flashing done, poly carb roof fitted and doors in place.
Sunday morning fit guttering and seal all appropriate places with silicon.
I must say my self taught lead flashing was a work of art. I am looking forward to the first thunderstorm now!
The quality of you product which really does go together rather like a very large three D jigsaw puzzle.
Finally the comprehensive instructions, we nearly went word blind a few times but they are really well thought out and follow in sequence beautifully. One very minor point the little alloy gizmos which the head framework screws into have changed in design since the plans were written, what should I do with all of these 70mm lengths of rubber gasket please? Only joking!
Once again many thanks you should be proud of your product it combines value and quality beautifully!
Dave King (County Durham)

Thank you for your speedy reply. I must say that I have been so impressed by your company and delighted with the value represented in the conservatory’s quality and price. I truly regret that we forgot to take photos of the revolting old shed we demolished to make way for the conservatory and although the project has taken, and is still taking a horribly long time to complete I should indeed start to take some photos now, and will do! There is still much to do, so plenty of opportunity for a progressive photoshoot!
Thank you for all your help.
Carla Avogadri

Jessica I have received the reinforcers and I would like to thank your company for there actions and professionalism in the delivery of my conservatory and the back up that I received, but mostly I would like to thank yourself for your care and understanding and prompt actions which enabled me to finish my conservatory (it looks good ) so once again thank your company and more so thank you...
Mickey Maddison (Gateshead)

May I say how superb these conservatories are and the service I got from your team. I have errected 2 of yours and look forward to the next one. Keep up the good work it is appreciated.
Yours sincerly
Stuart Scotford-Smith (Sussex)

Hello again, I am now on the point of completing the building of my conservatory, and may I say that whole thing has been made easy from start to finish, from questions answered by you, to the ordering over the phone, to delivery of the conservatory by two very helpful guys. The build was very simple, following the assembly instructions provided, which I found very clear and concise.
The only thing I found missing from all the parts provided was 2 toplight handles, I was only supplied 2 but have 4 toplights, so if they could be sent to me please I would be most grateful.
In closing I would like to thank and your company for the superb service you provided, and I will have no worries about recommending Protech to anyone wishing to purchase a DIY conservatory.
Many thanks,
Mike Green (Suffolk)

Can i just say that the service that you have given me is top notch, and im very pleased with every thing, if you can send me some posters of your self i will put them up in work, and would be kindly recomending you,
Martin Jones (Llaneli)

Just a quick note to say we received our conservatory and base last week. Although the base did not arrive together as we all expected it arrived as agreed on the Monday but offloaded on the Tuesday ( we had a small problem with a trolley to get the base of the lorry) Once again your customer service was fantastic after we contacted yourselves regarding the missing base you took care of everything and ensured we had delivery in keeping with our planned build time.
We constructed and levelled the base on Tuesday, we started as soon as we had delivery of the base. This took a lot more time than we expected, especially as our previously laid patio was far from level. We felt that in this case the added expense for the base was possibly worthwhile but perhaps not really required for anyone building on a true level surface. This took approx 5hrs of work but thankfully the 2 of us had the help of my tradesman brother., a title he would grow to hate in the next few days. By 7pm on Tuesday we had a level base with chipboard secured on top but not yet cut.
After an agreed early start on Wednesday of 9am and a late finish of 10:30 pm we had the main frame up with the roof on for rain protection but not yet secured. I would like to say it all went without a hitch but we had a few DUH moments and spent a period of discussing whether we would have to alter some of the top eaves using a saw? TO MAKE IT FIT! However after much perseverence we secured the eaves. This was possibly our worst head scratching episode of the build, we had up to this point checked and rechecked measurements so could not understand the reluctance of everything to fit. It did however require some force and then pop in it went.
Thursday morning saw us hang the doors, secure the roof, connect the gutterings and finally start to put all the finishings on. The tradesman left at 1pm and we continued leisurely finishing the house. We could not believe we had built the whole project in less than a week of taking delivery.
So all in all over a period of 3 days we have completed our summer house. And it looks fab. The overall quality of finish on the conservatory is great. The finishing strips to cover over joints etc looked a bit flimsy on first inspection but that was not the case.Due to them being flexible and resillient to the odd thump of a rubber hanmmer, they have completed the finish of a quality product.
As promised we shall send you pictures soon.
Many Thanks
Correna Altoft

Absolutely fantastic conservatory arrived on the arranged day, built as easy as building lego (maybe easier) finished yesterday rain today hey no leaks.
Just 1 slight prob. With the instructions we put the reinforcing brackets (123) 4 on each side as it states and shows in the picture when in fact you only need 3 on each side and 2 on the front cill, but we soon overcame this prob and continued to build and all was fine.
It fitted so well to the house that unfortunately we do not need the flashing kit and was wondering if we returned it could you refund the price of the flashing kit to our card.
So finally we are really impressed with the service, ease of build and quality of yourselves and your products adn will recommend you to anyone.
PS. We will order a carport from you next year.

We have found your company very good. We have recently written to you as i have lost the plans. But thankfully you were extremely helpful and very quick with your replies.
We haven't as yet completed the lean to but once we start be sure we will send you the photo's.
i did write once we received our order and we hd parts missing but you sent them through the post the following week!!! how can i complain about that!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would also like to say that your lorry driver was also extremely helpful and pleasant
once again thankyou and i would certainly recommend you and your company to friends
Mrs Bailey

Sorry no pictures will try and get some to you though.
It went up last weekend and it was quite easy, in fact a lot easier than I really expected,and it does look good.
I will tell you about the difficult bits.
My dwarf wall was in blocks and I am not a bricklayer, the wall was a bit low, so I screwed timber to the blocks to lift the cill line, which made it easier to level and fix the call.
The flashing cover strip on top of the wall plate was a mess up, still is, although it does appear to work. could not seem to position and fix it with the rafters and cover strip in place, yes I know I should have fixed the rafter cover strips after the flashing but it either did not say or I misunderstood.
It was quite a cold day when installing and the first frame, even with a big hammer and piece of wood it would not set down, a little fairy liquid on the cill and hot water down the cill end of the frame did wonders, also when fitting the joining inserts.
Lastly the manual should say, which maybe it does, that the rafters should be positioned as near as dam it over the centre of the the panel joining strips, so that after you have positioned the roof panels you don't have a gap to make up at the last panel, remember by then you have already cut the insets between the rafters.
One of the door frames have been fixed a little out of plumb, my fault, can I unscrew the top hinge a little and pack it out say 5mm, or will the fixings in the frame fall out.
Non of the above is sent as a whinge, I am really pleased with all of it ,and as you can see it went up really fast and within reason installed on my own.
It is well worth the money, and my next door neighbour is asking lots of question now, my son is also interested in one.
So please convey my thanks to all.
Dennis Mousley

Thanks. Installation almost complete - just down pipe on gutter to fix. Installation went to plan, and am very satisfied with the result.
John Geall

Hi Sales
I have received the replacement part. I am very impressed by the serviced provided especially as it is the Christmas season.
I will hopefully fit the part this weekend.
Thankyou very much.
I will try and post you some pictures in the new year.
Malcolm Thomas

Thank you very much for your speedy response to our order for the L3 conservatory everything so far as been very satifactory.
Karen Dring (Cambs)

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