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Living in Northern Arizona we are blessed with around 350 days of sunshine a year, but at 7000ft altitude the winters suffer from freezing temperatures. Our home has a large deck to make the most of summer sunshine, but with our house built on an east/west aspect, we had no windows on the south side.  Being transplants from England, we thought it a great idea to add a conservatory and started hunting suppliers in Arizona. While we were able to find American style sunrooms, we wanted a traditional British conservatory, which are only custom built in the USA and still not of the same standard as British rooms and cost an arm and a leg. Enter the BB Group. Searching the web we found a few suppliers offering rooms - all in the UK. However, after visiting a few of these sites, we found that BB Group was the easiest site to read and price a room. We looked through their selection and chose a 17' by 13' Victorian room, which was offered at a terrific price. A few emails followed regarding shipping and the price was agreed for shipping to Los Angeles. Ordering the room on the website was easy, and as we lived overseas, we did not have to pay VAT. We were told that ours was the first room they had sold in the USA. (I think an order from Boston was received shortly after.) The plans arrived by airmail a few days later and we set about arranging with a local builder to erect the foundation. After recovering from his initial shock that all the measurements were in metric, I produced a tape with both measurements, and construction began. We wanted the room to be level with our deck, which raised it a couple of feet out of the ground. After the builder had stopped work due to storms, other commitments and a two-week deer-hunting season, the foundation and stem wall were complete and we were ready for the room itself. They found the instructions for erection easy and a few days later the room was finished. A door into the house was added and tiles laid and we were ready to useour room. Over the past months, we have enjoyed the outside feeling of the room, especially during storms, when you feel like you are outdoors but still dry! With our strong sunlight, the bronze tinted roof was a great choice. The room has proved to be an excellent and valuable addition to our home.