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Dear Sirs
When we bought ‘Stainrigg Lodge’ in Nov 1999 at a price which reflected it’s poor condition, we knew that we had taken on a lot work to turn it into our dream retirement home in Scotland.
Because we live and work in Hull (212 miles away) it was two and a half years later before we face the last big project, which was to be the addition of a conservatory to take advantage of the surrounding views. However, our budget was tight. In April 2003 we asked a local company for a quotation for supply and build, when this came in at £11,500 our hearts sank.
We decided to look around for alternative ways to cut the costs. Browsing on the Internet we found a DIY company based in County Durham owned by BB Group. After sending them an e-mail for more information, we decided to visit their premises and see the actual product before making a decision. They made us very welcome, provided us with drawings based on the measurements we supplied and showed us samples of the conservatories, finishes and glass etc. After talking to their staff and seeing the attention to detail in the installation instructions we decided to go ahead with the order.
We asked a local builder if he would construct to foundations and help assemble the conservatory. He told us he had never installed a conservatory before but he was willing to try.
When they notified us that conservatory was ready for delivery, it was a week early, a delivery date was agreed and they delivered on time, (a refreshing change in this day and age).
The foundations and support walls were completed in Sept 2003 and we booked a week’s holiday to be there for the build. The construction went well considering the combined experience of the ‘workers’.  We had one hiccup when it was discovered a part was missing. However one phone call to the company and this was sorted this out. The part arrived by special courier the next morning. They even told us how to carry on without it so we didn’t loose any time. The whole build took 4 days from start to finish.
As you can see from the pictures it looks great and even with the extra cost of a builder we saved a staggering £5,000.
We highly recommend the BB Group for the quality of the product and the professionalism of the company.
Yours faithfully

Mr & Mrs John Wilkinson.