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So, it all went up okay, yes there are photos which I will send shortly when I get myself sorted out with all of them.
My son helped with the roof, which went on really well. I was anticipating trouble, but no, it just went up there and fitted all the way around. The decision which panel to leave out till last was a choice really and we did that quite well at the end.
The surprising thing was that the trouble we had with the door went away once the roof and bits were on. I went to close the door not thinking and it just went click shut. And all the trouble we had trying to align it before.
I got everything in place before we had the storm come down. Nothing leaked the following morning. Dry as a camels armpit. Which is good.
I now have the tedious task of cutting through to the dining room to make way for the door I am putting there. Also I have to put up the guttering and then the groundwork.
Many thanks for the product again
I will still be in contact, and will send the pictures.

Leighton Marston