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Its a long time since you sent me the 5 secondary glazing units for my Somerset house. Because I live abroad and also because fitting the units was part of a larger exercise I have only just completed the job. Everything fitted perfectly; many thanks. I attach a photo of the house from the outside and also of one of the windows (the centre one upstairs) from the inside. You will note that you cannot easily see the secondary glazing, which is as it should be. One point that occurred to me; I did not use the plastic surrounds that you sent because the existing window recesses are uneven and the surrounds would have required a lot of shaping work. I would like to use some kind of injection polyurethane to fill the gaps around the edge and also to seal the slight gap between your units and the old frames which are slightly warped. Do you have any suggestions for something that I can inject and which will give me a paintable surface? best wishes and thanks again.
Andrew Clegg