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Please find attached photos for your files. I've had to use my Yahoo address as Hotmail cannot handle photo memory.
The windows arrived in perfect condition. Fitting of units was straightforward and was glad to find no adjustments to walls or sills. I managed to fit them both and would happily recommend the competent DIY'er do the same.The difference to both rooms was immediate, both sound and heat insulation properties working very well. We are delighted with the results and my daughter has no reason to complain of draughts or noisy passers-by anymore! She has had her room decorated into the bargain.
We are thinking of fitting similar units to both lounge bay windows but not so sure about the 60mm wide framing for reveal fix. We don't want to lose that much sill. I can mail photos and sizes for your recommendations.
Thanks for these ideal units BB.

Gordon & Sandra Philip