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Dear BB
The unit arrived on Friday and has now been fitted. It is exactly what was required. Installation was straightforward with only minor problems, easily solved. From my point of view everything has gone very smoothly and remarkably quickly. The background to my order is as follows.
My wife and I bought the house in April 1990. Most of the windows were single glazed. One window had crude secondary double glazing and windows had sealed unit double glazing. During the following winter it became clear that extensive double glazing was needed. The sealed units didn't seem to be very effective. The windows were all in sound condition, and we knew that in Eastern European countries double glazing was usual, so secondary double glazing seemed to be the best option. I found a local firm who would supply only, and over the next year or so I installed secondary units to all the windows, including those with sealed units. This was very successful and all went well until a few months ago when the vertical slider in the en suite shower room became increasingly difficult to operate. Investigation showed that replacing the unit was the only sensible option. The original suppliers were unwilling to supply a replacement and I couldn't find another local firm who would supply only, so I turned to the Internet and found your firm.
Attached are three photographs. One shows the sealed unit window with the defective unit and roller blind removed, another shows the new unit installed and the third the finished job with the roller blind re-installed.
Best regards

Les Pook