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Hi folks,
Just to let you know I fitted the four secondary glazing units and have taken pictures (before during and after) of one unit. per your request. not sure how useful they will be! I have not yet fitted the trim strips,as it seems the sealant fillet is pretty neat, so I am not sure if the extra work of fitting the trim is worthwhile. My plan is to now paint the surrounding frame, fillet and Alu track to match existing woodwork, leaving the moving panes unpainted and see how that looks. Installation comments: first attempt to install frame just using spirit level was not accurate enough I found it essential to load the sliding panes into the loosely installed frame, to ensure that the brush seals were properly covered by outer frame in all places. takes a fair bit of juggling. there is very little scope for error. With the 3 pane version I have still have only marginal engagement of vertical seal between left pane and centre pane when closed, with everything else appearing perfect. The sash version and hinged version were much easier to align, (of course they are also smaller which makes it easier.) All four units took about 9 hours in total to install(1 person) (amateur) so I was happy with that. The sound reduction achieved is quite impressive, so we are very pleased see 5 pics attached.

Peter Barnes