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Hello Debbie,
sorry about the time it's taken but here are a few pics of before and after fitting the doors. The decorating's not done yet so please excuse the state of the room! The only problem with a wall of mirrors is of course you see twice the clutter and twice that mistake with the colour scheme I never got round to fixing, so I'd better get on with the rest of the job. The shots are not too good I'm afraid - I couldn't get far enough away to fit them all in! but they'll give you an idea. The door frames are straight by the way, it's just my camera causing the bending in some shots. These are low-res, let me know if you want any better quality. I must say the difference is stunning. My wife and I are very pleased and what is and felt like a small room now seems huge, light and airy. Once again, thanks for an excellent product, service and support. I wouldn't hesitate to use Protech for future projects and highly recommend you.
Best wishes,

Peter Marshall