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Secondary Glazing

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Hello! I ordered some secondary glazing from you - quote ref 120. It's all fitted & brilliant, so thanks for that. I've included a before & after picture of one of the windows below. I'm now going to do the rest of the windows here
J Patterson
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The double glazing is great, perfect fit, and very please with the quality.
Please see some before and after pictures

John Bailey
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Hello there.
I have completed the installation and am very happy with the result.
I will be emailing you some photos of the installation procedure in the not so distant future.
Just one last question. Do you now where I may possibly find some acoustic tiles to fit in the gap between the primary and secondary glazing?
Many thanks for all your help.

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Dear BB
The unit arrived on Friday and has now been fitted. It is exactly what was required. Installation was straightforward with only minor problems, easily solved. From my point of view everything has gone very smoothly and remarkably quickly. The background to my order is as follows.
My wife and I bought the house in April 1990. Most of the windows were single glazed. One window had crude secondary double glazing and windows had sealed unit double glazing. During the following winter it became clear that extensive double glazing was needed. The sealed units didn't seem to be very effective. The windows were all in sound condition, and we knew that in Eastern European countries double glazing was usual, so secondary double glazing seemed to be the best option. I found a local firm who would supply only, and over the next year or so I installed secondary units to all the windows, including those with sealed units. This was very successful and all went well until a few months ago when the vertical slider in the en suite shower room became increasingly difficult to operate. Investigation showed that replacing the unit was the only sensible option. The original suppliers were unwilling to supply a replacement and I couldn't find another local firm who would supply only, so I turned to the Internet and found your firm.
Attached are three photographs. One shows the sealed unit window with the defective unit and roller blind removed, another shows the new unit installed and the third the finished job with the roller blind re-installed.
Best regards

Les Pook
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I thought you might like to see the units in situ. We are very pleased with them and I was impressed how easy they were to install

Brian Smith
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I have now received four frames from you in two orders which were dealt with very efficiently and promptly. I am very pleased with the final result both in terms of insulation and appearance. I hope to be ordering a few more frames shortly. I have attached a before and after pictures for one of the frames. The rather poor lighting has produced a purple cast.

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Attached before and after pics. I haven't attached the surface strips yet because I may want to take the frame off to do some other jobs around the window.

Alan Munroe
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Please find attached photos for your files. I've had to use my Yahoo address as Hotmail cannot handle photo memory.
The windows arrived in perfect condition. Fitting of units was straightforward and was glad to find no adjustments to walls or sills. I managed to fit them both and would happily recommend the competent DIY'er do the same.The difference to both rooms was immediate, both sound and heat insulation properties working very well. We are delighted with the results and my daughter has no reason to complain of draughts or noisy passers-by anymore! She has had her room decorated into the bargain.
We are thinking of fitting similar units to both lounge bay windows but not so sure about the 60mm wide framing for reveal fix. We don't want to lose that much sill. I can mail photos and sizes for your recommendations.
Thanks for these ideal units BB.

Gordon & Sandra Philip
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Many thanks.
Here are some photos of the window, and a view of the A1 motorway.

David Smith
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Hi folks,
Just to let you know I fitted the four secondary glazing units and have taken pictures (before during and after) of one unit. per your request. not sure how useful they will be! I have not yet fitted the trim strips,as it seems the sealant fillet is pretty neat, so I am not sure if the extra work of fitting the trim is worthwhile. My plan is to now paint the surrounding frame, fillet and Alu track to match existing woodwork, leaving the moving panes unpainted and see how that looks. Installation comments: first attempt to install frame just using spirit level was not accurate enough I found it essential to load the sliding panes into the loosely installed frame, to ensure that the brush seals were properly covered by outer frame in all places. takes a fair bit of juggling. there is very little scope for error. With the 3 pane version I have still have only marginal engagement of vertical seal between left pane and centre pane when closed, with everything else appearing perfect. The sash version and hinged version were much easier to align, (of course they are also smaller which makes it easier.) All four units took about 9 hours in total to install(1 person) (amateur) so I was happy with that. The sound reduction achieved is quite impressive, so we are very pleased see 5 pics attached.

Peter Barnes
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Hi There,
Just to say that the bedrrom conversion is nearly finished. Your window has been installed, and enclosed are images of the window before alteration, during alteration (2 images) and after installation (2 images). I am really pleased with the result, and the window not only looks good, but almost completely deadens the noise from the road. Many thanks to your team.

Jon Timothy
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Sorry to be so slow: here with some pictures as requested. I may add that we are delighted with the way they blend in so unobtrusively with the existing frames. Thank you. Some friends have already placed an order with you, having seen ours!
John Wilson
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Hi again Here are some pictures of your windows after fitting.we already have upvc double glazing but as we live on a busy road we needed extra sound proofing and your windows have reduced the noise level significantly Thanks again
Craig Smith
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Just to comfirm that the window was delivered as promised on 18th January. We were very pleased with the excellent service we received for the whole project. Right from the first enquiry we experienced efficient, friendly service all the way and we are more than satisfied with the end result. The frame fitted perfectly and the installation was very simple. You ask for pictures of the project's progress and you will find four (not very good images) below. It was obviously a very straightforward window to do but the reason we wanted secondary glazing was because we live on the 2nd floor above a busy town road junction. The noise from this and the late night drunks disturbed our sleep but the secondary glazing has made a great deal of difference. Thank you once again.
Best Wishes

Mandy and Norman
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Dear Protech, I have just finished installing the latest unit and have photographed the process from beginning to end for you. I enclose three of the pictures taken. If you are interested I have also taken pictures of the whole process, but you may not like the view, The window faces an earth bank at the back of the house. But I was surprised how well these pics came out. All are jpegs. The room is still not yet finished but the temperature difference and reduction in noise are really noticeable If the view of the bank is a problem the next window will face some nicer views in Stokeinteignhead! Please can you also quote for the next two windows
Alex Nesbitt
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Our window is now in and we are pleased with it.
I attach 3 photos - before / during / after - hope they download OK.

Jean Holmes
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Dear Sirs
Just a short note to let you know that the order arrived and has been fitted without a hitch.Once again a big thank you for your speedy service
I am enclosing pictures of the work and the finished job, as you can see it is right at the side of a main road and we are sure that has cut noise down by 80%.
Once again Many thanks for your prompt and effecient service.

Maureen & Raymond Dell
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Hello, I have received delivery and fitted the window today, i think the service i got was excellent and the window itself was alot better quality than i expected. Road traffic noise is down to the minimum know and i'm sure i will get a better nights sleep tonight. I would certainly recommend you to my neighbours.

Robert Pearman
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Its a long time since you sent me the 5 secondary glazing units for my Somerset house. Because I live abroad and also because fitting the units was part of a larger exercise I have only just completed the job. Everything fitted perfectly; many thanks. I attach a photo of the house from the outside and also of one of the windows (the centre one upstairs) from the inside. You will note that you cannot easily see the secondary glazing, which is as it should be. One point that occurred to me; I did not use the plastic surrounds that you sent because the existing window recesses are uneven and the surrounds would have required a lot of shaping work. I would like to use some kind of injection polyurethane to fill the gaps around the edge and also to seal the slight gap between your units and the old frames which are slightly warped. Do you have any suggestions for something that I can inject and which will give me a paintable surface? best wishes and thanks again.
Andrew Clegg
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Dear BB, Delighted with the window. Easy to fit and works well. Will send photo to show it in place.
Robert Anderson
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We took delivery on Wedesday this week and fitted the units on Thursday morning
Our foreman Rick Manning was extreemly pleased with the quality and fast delivery of the units
Image of Rick and fitted units attached

John Turkentine
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Fantastic result!!
It took longer to clean the window panes than to install the unit. I am very impressed - thank you. What adhesive do you recommend using to stick the plastic trim with? I guess it is silicon sealant. I have taken some digital photos and will send them ASAP.

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Dear Sir,
We have installed our new secondary glazed windows.
We are very pleased with them and our guests very impressed.
The windows look beautiful, slide very smoothly and most importantly they reduce noise unbelievably well.
Thank you very much for all your correspondence, prompt manufacture and delivery of the windows.
We shall definitely recommend you.
Two photographs attached.

Mr G. Miljkovic
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Hi there
Window delivered in record time (way ahead of the expected time) and in place within the hour - apart from the trim 'cos I've got to get a different blind for the new window and don't want to drill two lots of holes. The before and after shots (taken at 1538 and 1641 respectively which allowed time for clearing up) show how well it fitted in - no reduction of light for one and it is so much quieter. Thanks again. We have already recommended you a few times.

Tony Mosley
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thanks for the completion of the order and for your excellent service and prompt delivery. I'm attaching some photos of the finished job as requested.

Alan Blair
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Dear Protech.
Thank you for supplying 3 secondary glazing units.
I ordered them on a Saturday and received them in excellent condition via a very friendly driver within three days.
They were easy to fit with minimal skill level required.
The quality is excellent, sound levels are reduced by 80% and thermal insulation is very good in summer, (keeps the inside cool) so I expect good results in winter.
I have no hesitation in recommending your product.
Kindest regards

Steve Law
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Hi, Thanks for the window. It arrived 11am today and was fitted and polished before 2pm. The dimensions were exact and the noise reduction is impressive. I attach a photo - not great, but then there is not a lot to see.

Bill Price
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Dear BB
Sorry to be so long sending these photos. Feel free to use whatever you like.
Regarding the one where there's a substantial gap, this is a problem with my window, not yours! Mine is very considerably off-square. The sequence shows before filling, after filling and painted. Whole thing didn't take more than 45 minutes. Again, the effect on the room is very good, both in terms of sound (the main reason for buying) and temperature.
Many thanks,

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Hi There
We received our unit recently and have now fitted it. Installation was extremely straightforward. We are very pleased with the quality of the product and the sound installation it has provided us with. We are at last getting a great night's sleep! It is very likely that we will order further units when we can afford it. I attach a before and after photo as requested.
Best Regards

Steve Parsons
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The windows came as promised on Friday - smashing delivery bloke, very pleasant, cheery and helpful.
We installed the windows this afternoon - the difference is awesome (we had previously upgraded our double glazing and still had noise problems from our busy, main road location). We are definitely looking to upgrade a further two windows when budget allows.
The windows were easy to install - the size of our frames made them a bit cumbersome to move about and get upstairs (which we had already anticipated, having wrestled 2 Victorian wardrobes up there a few months back!) - but other than that no probs.
Once I've got the window dressing sorted out I'll send better photos (we have period room settings so it might be useful to show that the secondary glazing isn't too intrusive).
Thanks for an excellent service.

Mr. Phillips
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Dear Protech,
My wife and I FINALLY got around to fitting the units you supplied. The installation was a DIY doddle (even for a newly retired couple like us) and the final effect - in both aesthetic and insulative terms - is most impressive. Thanks for the excellent product !
As is usual in houses of the type in which we live, we have a similar upstairs bay and we intend to tackle this too in the not-too-distant future, so you'll be hearing from us again in due course.
Before and after photos are attached to this email.
Thanks once again.
Best regards,

Chris & Clare Sheard
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As per your request for comments samples of installation above: if anything the guality was too good, particularly for the single opening windows where the frames were wider than the frames being covered. In all a better standard of product than I was expecting. One fear of remote ordering was allayed in that all units fitted.

Barry James (Tunisia)
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T hanks for your reply and kind offer to send me the parts requested. As asked I have included pictures files of some of the windows but unfortunately they seem a little dark. (I'm no photographer I'm afraid)
Thanks again

John Valbonesi
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Hello again
I must compliment you on your service, communication and your product. I was very impressed with the quality of the units and the packaging they came in. Also the difference they have made to reduce traffic noise in my lounge is quite staggering. I attach a before and after photo as requested although I have not yet painted the frame yet. I will send you a few more when I am finally finished.
Could you give me a quote on 5 more units, as before all windows fitted with 6.4mm Stadip silence acoustic laminated glass and with standard white finish.

Mark Bretherton
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Thanks for all your help. Your products are very good and easy to install - the finished product is also very good. I would have no problem recommending you or your products to anyone. I have attached some photos as requested - they are not particularly good - the first photo shows the tools that I used to install the windows
Once again, many thanks

Jim Woodley
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Thanks - we are very happy with the products - I will send pictures in due course
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Sadly any pictures I have taken don't work as the light from the window overpowers everything around them e.g. the frame and such like. I have attached the "best" ones. I'm sitting in the study now at "rush" hour and I can barely hear the noise of the cars over the hum from my PC...even lorries and buses are just a slight buzz. Hope the pictures help, sorry about the quality.

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Hello again,
We are delighted with our secondary glazing and will be ordering more when we get round to the rooms that require it.Many Thanks
Richard Bailey

My window arrived yesterday! Well ahead of schedule! And it fitted into the existing window perfectly. Unfortunately I was very restricted with time when the window arrived yesterday and only had five minutes to spare. As a result all I have done so far is sit the window in the frame and secure it into position with screws through the pre-drilled holes.
The transformation was amazing. The sound reduction and draft reduction was immediately noticeable. This morning I will take some photos to email to you then run some sealant around the edges and then fix on the window trime and I'll be finished. I can't believe how easy it has been. Once complete I will take some more photos. I am pleased to say that from the outside of the house the window is completely invisable.
Perfect service and a perfect product. Now that I know you are a genuine company (can't be too sure when ordering from the internet) I will certainly be ordering more windows and recommending you to my friends.
Tony Welch

Dear Secondary Glazing
I have previously ordered some secondary glazing units from you with the Stadip Silence glass. Your windows do an excellent job in cutting down the noise.
Philip Leung

Just like to inform you that the window is fantastic i live about fifty yards from the A1 motorway
the noise reduction is incredible we have a good quality double glazing and it still kept me awake at night now i sleep like a log.
I am a male nurse not a builder and i was able to fit it in about half an hour.
many thanks
Dave Smith

Problems resolved. Window delivered today at 8 am. Most impressed with your service and delivery.
Thank you

Hi there,
Order has all completed now and my window was delivered ok and the driver was very helpful with helping me take the window to the second floor.
Rebecca Brooke

Dear Protech,
Thanks for my recent order of 6 units - I just completed the installation this weekend and am very pleased with the results.
Timo Allison

Good Morning
Reference the recent delivery that I have received from you of secondary glazing
I am delighted with the quality of the products, and the efficient delivery
Richard Newhouse

Would like to say a big thank you for the window delivery. Especially as the driver went the extra mile to make them safe and keep them out of sight, that cannot have been easy given the obstacles and the sturdy nature of the windows - very much appreciated. They slotted into place without any fuss and the noise reduction was instant and the look very smart. I now just have to bring the rest of the bay up to the same standard to do them justice. I will send pictures when the job is done.
Thanks once again and have a happy xmas too.
Sean Ellis

Hello there - I have received and fitted the window I ordered from you - It is a very good product and I would now
like a quote for another window.
Keith Nisbet

everything has gone smoothly thus far. I look forward to fitting the window and keeping the draughts out.
Incidentally I recommended a friend, Ms Marion Harris, and she has also placed an order with you. Her invoice number is 15955. I should just point out that she lives close to where I live so it would be a good idea to deliver the two orders on the same day.
James Johnston

Hi it's me again - Jean Holmes of Ivy Cottage.
We are so pleased with our sitting room window, we would like to do the 2 windows in the kitchen.
Jean and Mike Holmes

I ordered a great piece of secondary glazing from you in June 2006 and I would like to order another piece for another window in my flat.
Niku Banaie

..............I would just take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with the high quality of the windows and that they have received some very favourable comments from visitors to my house.
Thanks and Best Regards
John Valbonesi (Berkshire)

If you have a look at my purchase history I have placed 3 separate orders with you over the last 18 months for double glazing. It has all been excellent and that is why I have placed another order.
I am gently working round my old house installing double glazing.
Yours truly,
Andrew Wilberforce-Ritchie (Surrey)

Thanks for your email, our units were delivered last week and as always they fit perfectly and look very good. We will try and get some pictures to you ASAP and I expect we will be ordering some more windows soon.
Helen Carey (Colchester)

Warm greetings!
I received the windows and have installed them - I'm happy with both the difference in noise reduction and the reduction in heat loss.
I'd now like a quote for a 'lift out' window,
Mark Scott (Richmond)

When we ordered last time we were very pleased with the information and response from your company and the window was delivered promptly. We will do business again soon!
Best regards.
Amanda Durrant

I ordered a unit from you a few years ago and was impressed – I would now like to do another window!
Nicholas Hall

Thanks, delivery and product both absolutly fine! Installation was so quick and easy we didn't get round to taking photos though! Only slight improvement would be to include details of what screws were needed for installation, and also what method of fixing recommended for the trim. But windows themselves excellent, and delivery far quicker than anticipated!
Many thanks
Lesley Davison

Dear secondary Glazing,
I bought some glazing from you a year ago, it has worked absolutely brilliantly - there's really no sound at all now - even though Im on a busy road! Thank You!!
And so - I would like to buy some more glazing!
Malissa Turner (Norwich)

Dear Protech,
I wish to make an enquiry for a quotation for a two panel, balanced vertical slider (BVS) secondary glazing unit. This is the third time we shall be using your company as thus far we have been very satisfied with the product you offer.
Guy Rayfield (Norwich)

The windows have been installed for over a week now and I'm very happy with them - the quiet and the warmth is very different from what I'm used to.
Mark Kearns

I am very happy with the service I received. It was pro-active, friendly, quick and made me feel confident about ordering from you.
Many thanks
Danny Rye

Thankyou very much for the quick turnaround and excellent products (secondary glazing panels). I fitted them a few days ago with no problems whatsoever, and the difference they made was immediate. Thanks also for the helpful advice when I called a couple of times about fitting details. I didn't have my camera with me at the time, so didn't get any pictures unfortunately.
If I need to buy any similar glazing in the future, I'd know where to come!
Trevor Howarth

We would like to thank you all for the secondary units, we have now fitted them and they are just what we hoped they would be, we found them very easy to fit.
Alan Challis

Just to say thanks for the really efficient and friendly service
Window went in over the weekend fitted perfectly
Sound reduction amazing
Now looking at the larger front windows
Thanks again
Nigel Hunt (London)

Windows arrived Friday am fitted perfectly so easy to put in only had trouble with the plastic surround/ facier couldn't cut it to fit seemed like a pro job so out came the filler and paint brush looks great even although I do say it myself . Also cut the noise right down from the road outside which was the main object.
best regards from one really pleased customer
Steve Simmons

Just to let you know that we are very pleased with the noise reduction obtained after fitting the secondary glazing unit. We can now barely hear the traffic on the nearby road. My wife, who is not normally impressed with my DIY efforts, could not find any faults and we would like to order another unit for the second bedroom.
John McDermott

All six units received this afternoon. Thanks for such a speedy delivery. I wasn’t expecting them for quite a time yet!
Peter Bonsey

We were very pleased with your service – we thought you were excellent and very efficient. In this respect it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
Mr & Mrs Beardsley

Yes, many thanks especially in view of the fact that at the time of order my house was for sale and excessive road traffic noise was putting people off. My house is now sold.
When fitted in accordance with your instructions the windows virtually eliminated all noise. I am very pleased and will certainly use your company again if needed in my next house.
Time permiting I will take some pictures and email them.
Once again many thanks
Simon Duggal

Dear Sirs
The frames arrived in good order last evening and seem to fit splendidly. I expect to order several more units for rest of the house shortly as soon as I can get around to measuring up.
Many thanks
Brian Johnson

Hi there,
Thanks for the follow-up message. Yes, I'm totally satisfied so far - everything's gone very smoothly and, actually, the window is due for delivery tomorrow - much sooner than I was expecting ! Excellent stuff.
I'm really looking forward to seeing it, too. From the photos on your website, the build quality looks really good.
I'm also really impressed with your pre-sales support in helping me through the whole process, being patient, and answering all my questions. It's refreshing to find a company that promptly answers it's email too !
One word sums up my experience with Protech so far; Outstanding.
I'll certainly take lots of photos (as I do with all my projects) of before, during and after which I'll happily email to you when I'm done - no problem.
Have a great day,
Andrew Baldwin

Many thanks for your help and speedy response - great customer service!
Kind regards,
Philip Staff

Just a quick note to let you know that I was more than pleased with my order. both windows were fitted on the same day that they arrived.
Just one problem, I didn't know that you provided make-up pieces to the surrounds of the windows. I measured them too tight, they fitted OK but I have been unable to use the make-up pieces as they are too wide. Other wise they look and operate great.
I had various quotes from other companies but I made the right decision in purchasing your product.
Best regards,
Dave Baker

I did indeed receive the unit. I fitted it in about 5 minutes, it went in perfect and looks great. We are amazed at the sound insulation and this morning were very aware of the warmer bedroom. My one observation would be that it would have been good if you supplied the screws to fix it, it requires 8 of 65mm screw - which is not typically something one keeps in a
DIY toolkit. I think the service you provide, the speed you respond and interest you show in your customers in 100% and by no means typical of an internet company. Just as soon as we have our planning application passed we will come back to you with a view to secondary glazing the rest of the house. I will indeed send you a picture and gladly recommend your company - oh, and you were 40% cheaper than a local company that quoted.
Kevin (Surrey)

Delighted with windows I have received, and without any
problems I have now installed. Thanks to all your staff involved in the process, especially the delivery guys who
waited when others would have driven off !!!
Colin Richardson

Hi ,
Windows fitted ,absolutely delighted. I had best sleep for 4 yrs last night ,staggering ! Pictures to follow.I’ll be back next year for some more.
Roddy Moore

Windows great and work very well. Finally got them put up last night.
A future tip would be to also supply the screws needed to secure them to the frames. Otherwise a very good service.
Not too keen on the internet ordering thingy, but otherwise great.
Did not notice how much sound came through the windows till they were put up. Now they are almost silent. Excellent
Many thanks
Graeme Measor

Dear Steve,
I will send some photos to you in due course but I thought that some initial feedback would be useful. The windows were really easy to fit in about an hour although I did stick some window seal between the fames because the existing frames have indentations. The effect is dramatic. My cold kitchen where the windows do not fit well is now several degrees warmer with no drafts, and the bathroom no longer gets steamed up. I am working in another room without the secondary glazing, and although the windows fit well, I can feel the drafts. With this success behind me I will turn my attention to the bay window which may be more of a challenge.
The windows look really good and I have no sense that they have reduced the light.
Martin Baxter

We received the windows on Friday, after ordering them on Tuesday. I fitted them over the weekend without any problems, and would like to say how impressed I was with the fast turn-around and how easy the windows were to fit.
Best regards,
Nick Smartt

Great, thanks very much. Excellent windows and surprisingly easy to install.
Chris London (Herts)

Hi there,
Just a courtesy note that I received the windows last night and have fitted them.
Firstly to compliment the delivery itself - the driver could not reach me as I was tied up in meetings all day, however he continued to try and eventually delivered the windows after business hours. I'm very impressed and most appreciative (so you are clearly partnered with the right delivery agent!!)
Secondly the windows are fabulous, even at such a large size I was able to install them single handedly. I have not sealed the subframe yet(waiting 24 hours to settle first) however the drop in noise is already considerable.
As requested I will forward pictures once the installation is finished.
Thanks again and expect my order for the other window mid-April (cannot order right away - need to wait for the final measurements).
Reno Marcello

I received our order last week and have now installed the glazing. It was easy to fit and I am very happy with both the noise reduction and heat insulation. One small point is that I asked for the largest panel to be delivered with the frame dismantled, but it in fact came assembled and we had to take it apart ourselves to fit it up the stairs.
Otherwise I am very happy with the service provided.
Many thanks,
Venetia Terry

Hi,sorry about delay sending response,£204 its the best money i have ever spent on the house i wish i had done it sooner,no noise,no pollution and they look great also they were so simple to fit,they were deliverd to my house at 1.30pm and i had them fitted by 3pm,hope to send photos soon as bedroom now finished.
Many Thanks, hope to order more
Paul Anderson

Many thanks for your mails, nice to see a good after sales service. I am very happy with the windows thank you. They arrived early on Monday and i installed them that night quickly and easily (if i do say so myself). I have some work to do in regards to my window frames being wonky (and therefore i have uneven gaps either sides) so wondered if you have any suggestions as to the best way to plug these?
I have to say that i am very satisfied with the level of pre-sales service i recieved as well. You responded quickly and effectively to all my mails and that is what swayed me to choosing your business over others i was looking at.
I will take some photos tonight of the windows in, and then again when they are finished and pass them across to youif that is alright?
Thanks again
Chris Sharman

Am well impressed with your product and service.
Window arrived in two weeks - much less than I expected.
I fitted it in half an hour - obviously filling round edges took a bit longer - but still overall much less hassle than I had expected.
Since installation the traffic noise from the adjacent very busy road has all but gone - again well impressed.
Will probably order another frame after Xmas.
Keep up the good work - thanks for your help.
Glenn Miller (Borough Arms Pub - Lymington Hants)

Firstly I would like to say how impressed we are with the product. Its difficult to know what to expect over the internet but we were highly delighted with the 4 windows we ordered from you & how easy they were to fit. Even the delivery guy was most helpful.
On the back of how good the initial windows were, I wondered if it would still possible to order 2 more windows against the original order to get the same deal as before.
Wayne Gibbons

Yes, the order was placed successfully. I've found your company extremely helpful so far. Responding to emails promptly is one of best things. My wife told me to phone as most companies don't respond to emails at all but we were very pleased to get a response the next day and have continued to be answered promptly via email throughout the presales process and I was grateful that you were able to look at my photos and give me some technical advice. We look forward to receiving the window.
Stuart Brierley

Dear Pro Tech
Thank you so much for the window, fits a treat , driver arrived exactly when he said he would !!
Thanks again
Mike Welch

Fantastic result!! It took longer to clean the window panes than to install the unit. I am very impressed - thank you.
David Marsh

Thank-you, the units are very good quality and now all fitted. There was a minor problem that two of the four units were 2mm (honestly!) too tall and as I had given myself almost no margin for error caused me a little trouble. However I am well pleased overall. Could you point me to any instructions which exist about the fitting process and particularly how best to fit the trim. I am sure I saw some details but cannot now find them
James Norman

Thank you window arrived no problem and so quickly after order placed.
Excellent service.
Shall be fitting unit soon
Martin Rogers

It is really easy doing business with you. Thanks
Lee Cowie

Pleased with the way you handled my small order and also your phone call 24 hours prior to delivery as well as the hour before arrival call which enabled me to be at the point of delivery to receive the units.
However it will be at least a couple of months before I will be fitting the units. Once I start the job I shall take before and after photo's and e-mail them to you
Jim Pickles

The effect of the window is much better than I expected. We live on a fairly busy road but the noise has reduced considerably. I got the window because I now have to go to bed much earlier due to a job change and was finding it difficult to get to sleep. Now I lie in bed and can drift off quite easily. Traffic doesn't wake me up anymore either. Worth every penny from that point of view.
The order/purchase process was very easy and I was impressed with the smoothness of it all.
Noel Rowland

Hello and Happy New Year
Glad to say every thing worked out well with the windows, no problem with delivery or fixing they look excellent.
Eric Stokes

Dear Protech
Thank you again for the very prompt delivery of my 10 windows. They are all perfect!
The delivery driver was very helpful, and kept me informed as to when he would arrive, unlike most other delivery drivers who force you to stay inside all day. I was told what time he should arrive, and that gave me some freedom in my day!
I will endeavour to send you some photos in due course!
Thank you once again, for a very prompt, professional, and friendly service!
Malissa Turner (Norwich)

Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent service I have received from Protech Direct. The window arrived earlier than I had expected it to and after following your fitting advice I installed the unit on Saturday without any difficulties.
My daughter is much more settled at night thanks to the fantastic soundproofing properties of your product.
Many thanks once again.
Kind regards
Shane Millar

I have recently received a secondary glazed unit from you for my daughters nursery which I installed on Sunday and I must say how
impressed I was with the quality of the product and how easy it was to fit. Because of this my wife and I are now thinking of installing more units to our bedroom and our sitting room.
Julian Harper-Cuss

I have recently ordered some secondary double glazing for nine of my windows. We have now fitted them in and they look fantastic! The difference they make cutting the outside noise, keeping the warmth inside, as well as the condensation off, has been sensational. I would very much recommend your windows to anyone and will send some photos in another email soon
Agnieszka Munns
Jean Holmes:

Happy New Year BB
Thank you for dealing with this for me - the windows came at 7.30 am yesterday morning - brill. They look good.
Jean Holmes

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